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Thread: this is us all waiting for the Ron Paul 2012 announcement

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    Default this is us all waiting for the Ron Paul 2012 announcement

    I'm ready. Are you? I will destroy anyone who gets in my way. This time its personal.

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    My bills are at a record high lately. My taxes too. My bank account was in teeting the line of being in the red last month. I tell you the truth. The first money bomb after the announcement, I'm all in, and happily.
    'These things I command you, that you love one another.' - Jesus Christ

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    Im all for the money bombs, but we also need to bomb the bitches who say they can beat Ron Paul in the primary. These hucktards and romtards and paltards are about to be crushed.

    There will be a story every week about each of these candidates and what scum bags they are. Nothing is being over looked or passed up as not significant enough.

    The Ron Paul echo chamber is about to get some amplifiers.

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