During the 2nd half of the October 25 Express Times debate, the candidates would be asking each other direct questions. This was certainly going to be exciting, since I knew Jake would word his questions so that his opponents would have to give straight-forward answers.

Jake states how in 2006 the Democrat Party was elected to a landslide victory, due to the party’s promise to the American people that Democrat leadership in Congress would end the unconstitutional and undeclared war in Iraq. The Democrats did not deliver; instead they expanded the war which caused more deaths to soldiers and civilians alike.
Jake supports a rapid and orderly withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan and the redeployment of troops to protect our borders. Jake asks John Callahan why Callahan supports these unconstitutional wars that are bankrupting our country and why should the people of the Lehigh Valley trust Callahan to make his own decisions after all the contributions and visits by Washington DC insiders. [such as President Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton.]
See here: YouTube - John Callahan Answers a Question on the War On Terror from Jake Towne

Callahan answered, citing the need to go after Al-Qaida and into Iraq and Afghanistan because of 9/11. Callahan believes America is on the right track, he is encouraged by the December review of the generals and the putting forth of a timetable creating a plan for a responsible withdrawal. But he believes a withdrawal timetable must be based on the conditions on the ground, and based on the recommendations of the generals.

Callahan never addressed the cost of the wars and never addressed the campaign support he’s received by the Washington Establishment.