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Thread: Secured credit card after bankruptcy

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    Secured credit card after bankruptcy

    Does anyone know a good credit card to get after bankruptcy? I need to rebuild my credit and a secured card is the only way for me right now.

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    MMM credit cards.

    Any chance you were in the Navy, or are related to someone who is?

    Navy Federal Credit Union has one of the best secured cards out there. No annual fee, rewards, reports to all three credit agencies, and I think you can get it converted to unsecured in a year.

    I hate the idea of paying for a credit line, but virtually every other secured card has an annual fee. The problem with annual fees is that eventually you'll have a good enough score that you can afford to cut the cord with the fee, but your credit score can't afford it since its one of your longest trade lines.

    Consider asking someone you know with good credit history to add you as an authorized user on their credit cards. You'll immediately get all their good history, which should help "cover up" some of the BK hit.

    One last thing: Capital One will give you an unsecured credit card a year out of bankruptcy. So if all else fails, go CapOne.
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