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Thread: Cornyn might run for President

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    Thumbs down Cornyn might run for President

    If Republicans make big inroads in the Senate in next month’s elections, as expected, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas could turn into a popular presidential candidate for 2012. GOP heavies unimpressed with the current group of potential candidates have begun talking up Cornyn, The Hill reports.

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    He's such a scumbag.. But I have a hard time seeing anyone supporting him.. He'll do as good as Joe Biden did in he democratic primary in 2008..
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    What a joke...

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    I live in Texas and I can't stand the guy.

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    I've posted before about how the MSM is hyping him, including the Texas Monthly article calling him the most influential Texan in Washington.
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    He sucks, he is a terrible senator.

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    He might run but he'll lose the marathon. I wouldn't worry about him at all. He voted for the bailout.

    EDIT: I love how all the Texans pop up out of the wood-work to show their disgust with our senator. (the other one is just as bad too)

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