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Thread: HBO Real Sports-American Somoa - Miniumum Wage!

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    Thumbs up HBO Real Sports-American Somoa - Miniumum Wage!

    Couple weeks ago Real Sports had a piece about how American Samoa turns out more pro-football players per population ect ect...

    Anyway, Gumbel interviewed the Governor about the economic situation in Samoa. He said that kids mil-ticket is only pro-football. He also mentioned that recently the American federal government has applied miniumum wage law and that the tuna industry all but left due to this.

    This is a perfect example of how minimum wage regulations destroyed the economic prosperity of an entire society.

    Did anyone else see this on HBO? Im sure its on Demand.

    Let me know what you guys think.

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    Many Pacific Islanders are heavy set people, which makes a career in football possible. Notice the lack of Samoans in the NBA. But yeah, that minimum wage law messed things up. Operations can move to nearby (independent) Samoa.
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