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Thread: Why is Georgia a Red State?

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    Default Why is Georgia a Red State?

    After really beginning to pay attention to Georgia politics for the last few years, Georgia is in reality blue or light blue. So many of our Republican office holders and leaders were former Democrats until the big sea-change a couple of decades ago.

    The Governor's race this year between the two major parties may as well be a Democrat primary.

    Both guys - Nathan Deal (R) and Roy Barnes (D) are big gov't types.

    I really don't understand why, if there actually are conservatives in this state and we're so flaming RED, there's not a much stronger following this time around for 1. more conservative Republicans, or 2. the Libertarian John Monds.

    Even the other Republicans in this state have lackluster records when it comes to reducing the size of government. Where's our Jim DeMint? Where's Georgia's Tom Coburn?

    I guess I'm doing a little venting, because the small gov't movement just doesn't seem to be taking fire in Georgia like it is in other states, but maybe given the state parties histories, I shouldn't be surprised.

    Or maybe my perceptions are just way out of whack.

    <ahh, I feel better>
    The bigger government gets, the smaller I wish it was.

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    Saxby and Isakson are both RINO's, along with Sonny and a lot of the cabinet. BUT, some of our US Representatives are at least fiscally, very very Conservative (Linder, Broun, Price).

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    I blame Atlanta on your blue-ness.

    And high minority populations.
    Equality is a false god.

    Armatissimi e Liberissimi

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    The bigger government gets, the smaller I wish it was.

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    We do have a lot of RINOs. The only way to get rid of them is if they get rid of themselves. That and term limits are probably the only reason Sonny Purdue is leaving this year.

    Of course, we're gonna replace him with Nathan Deal. Somehow that anti-incumbent sentiment passed Georgia right on by.
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    I really hope John Monds gets over 5% of the vote in the Gov. race.

    It will be a real wakeup call for some folks who need waking up - folks who need to know that other legitimate choices are indeed out there and that a principled vote is not, not, not a wasted vote, and folks who need to know that the conservatives of this state mean business and will carry their agenda forward either with the major parties coming along, or not.

    It will also be a big volume increase compared to elections past for the voice of real conservatism across the state and give more energy to it going forward.

    It's an essential election because of this -- our principled stand for constitutionalism is more critical now than ever. The major parties really need a big wakeup call this November that we're done with their big gov't types.

    Conversely, a poor showing for Monds will only send the message that we're all still just "get in liners" behind our pol team colors, and the parties in this state will continue their growth of gov't, "mandate from the voters" in hand.

    If one really cares about the future of this community, state, and yes, country, Monds is the only choice for governor.

    We're the leaders in this discussion, not the followers. Leaders start off alone, and slowly but surely others follow in growing numbers. Hold!
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    The bigger government gets, the smaller I wish it was.

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    I just voted for Monds. It felt great.

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    Because we're intelligent.

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