The congressional debate co-hosted by the Morning Call newspaper, the Greater Lehigh Calley Chamber of Commerce and the local PBS station is being held October 14.
Back in June, Jake Towne gladly accepted their invitation to attend the debate. However the offer was soon rescinded and replaced with a new offer, one with a ">5% polling precondition". Due to the recent skewed poll conducted by the Morning Call, Jake Towne has been barred from the October 14 debate.
The Morning Call has been inundated with calls, emails, and letters to the editor about this, something they should have expected from such an unwise decision.

Presently, this is their response. Basically... "We have limited time in the upcoming debate. We polled voters to see who they thought were the top 2 candidates. What happens at the debate is tiny compared to what happens
in the newspaper.",378167.story

Jake's first debate went well within a 1hr time-frame, as evidenced by these two articles.
Why can't the MCall debate be the same?
And if the MCall wants to downplay the importance of the debate, why have the precondition in the first place?