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Thread: I'll be in Fargo...

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    Smile I'll be in Fargo...

    I'm a Winnipeg contractor and fervent supporter of Ron Paul. I'll be in Fargo area October 23 & 24 and would be interested in meeting other Paulites.

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    Sorry I missed you, would've bought you a kokanee.

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    Well, thanks anyway!

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    How does one support Ron Paul from Canada anyway? It's cool that you promote him and what he stands for, but you're also limited on what you can really do right? Actually scratch that, we could always use more volunteers down in Iowa this coming summer

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    I second that Eric. It's nice having as many Ron Paul people the world over. U.S foreign policy is far too destructive for people of other nations to ignore the cause of liberty. You come down to Fargo buffalohead and we can all get a drink.

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