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Thread: New Song by Steve Dore: Nullify Now

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    New Song by Steve Dore: Nullify Now

    YouTube - NULLIFY NOW!

    I had the opportunity by pure chance to provide Steve Dore ( some input/feedback on the lyrics of this song while he was working on it. Originally he was planning on playing this song at the events including the Orlando event but I was talking with him on Skype and finances are not going to permit all of the trips.

    Steve Dore has been around the Ron Paul revolution since 2007 maintaining (which is currently being redone). I created a chipin for Steve because this is a great song for these events. If you like the song and would like to see him play it at the Orlando NullifyNow event chip in for some air fare to help get him there. I set the chipin for $500 because air fare from Texas to Florida last minute is likely going to be $300-$500. If anyone has any miles or other suggestions to get him there PM me or contact Steve directly via his personal web site.

    Link to chipin:
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    I have been trying to get the airfare done too, thanks for making the chip-in. I am also trying to get someone to sponsor him to the event, I have been told if someone takes a booth at the event for $250 they will put the money toward Steve's airfare and get a shout out from the stage from Steve. I found airfare for $218 cheapest so far.

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