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Thread: Come on people, cheer up

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    Come on people, cheer up

    I can see alot of unhappy people here posting. As someone else said, twenty-two percent is VERY impressive in CT. Remember years ago, liberty candidates would usually be lucky if they got one percent. This only indicates just how far we have come along in such a short time. A liberty candidate will take the White House by the end of the decade.

    As for Sean Hannity, it proves my point earlier that he praises only the candidates who lead in the polls or have won elections regardless of what they believe. He praises Rand Paul because he won the GOP nomination and he praises Linda McMahon because she won the GOP nomination. It is what a journalist is supposed to do. It's just like when you watch sports and Al Michaels or Bob Costas boast about the team you are rooting against. They are doing just what they are paid to do. It isn't a personal attack against Peter Schiff or Ron Paul, although it might not seem like it.

    So this isn't really anything to get upset about. Cheer up!
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    Schiff needs to learn the difference between lecturing people about Austrian economics and running a real campaign. Rand Paul figured it out. It should be easy to explain in Connecticut, one of our original 13 states. The Constitution set up a giant free trade zone.
    Knowledge is Liberty!

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    51% anti-McMahon votes. If only Simmons wasn't on the ballot...

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    one half or 2/3rds of simmons's votes could have easily gone to peter schiff.
    ms. linda mcmahon needs mr. simmons and peter schiff more than they she.

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    I don't think the "realists" out here are moping around, it's only the dreamers who thought Schiff actually had a chance to win.

    I think he did much better than most people expected- it was a good showing.

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