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Thread: Andrew Napolitano mentioned on The Daily Show

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    Andrew Napolitano mentioned on The Daily Show

    Jon Stewart mentioned the Judge's position on the Arizona immigration law on the Daily Show.

    EDIT: The show got worse when they had a segment opposing the Arizona law while opposing an effort to ban red-light cameras. Can't those leftists realize that they are two sides of the same unconstitutional coin?

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    A couple months ago, when they were talking about the would-be Times Square bomber, he played a clip of Glenn Beck saying "You don't shred the Constitution," because he agreed with what Beck was saying.

    "Hey, he's a conservative and he's saying something reasonable!"
    "That's one thing about freedom; you have to tolerate the nonsense too." - Ron Paul

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    Youtube me.
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    How many more times are we going to let them screw up our economy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mach View Post
    hahahaha! Good to see some props to the Judge from the show. they never gave it to him before.
    "You know not what you are given, but forever will you know what has been taken away from you..."

    "As long as we live beyond our means we are destined to live beneath our means." - Ron Paul at a CNBC Debate in Michigan (10/09/07)

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    Looks like Jon is a Napalitano fan. Honestly, how can anyone not be?

    That whole segment was great. Arizona doesn't give a $#@! about the rule of law, they just want to round the Mexicans up.
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