The district’s largest newspaper, the Morning Call, has invited Jake to debate with the “two-headed, one-party” candidates, incumbent Republican Charles Dent and Democrat John Callahan. The campaign immediately accepted the invitation. The event will be held in October prior to the November 2nd election day at a date, time, and venue to be announced later.

The campaign excited for the chance to debate both of these Establishment career politicians. Last November, Towne challenged both campaigns to a debate and received no answer from either Dent or Callahan, saying:

Dear Congressman Dent and Mayor Callahan -

I respectfully challenge either of you to a debate concerning our congressional race. I am open to either one-on-one debate or debating both of you at the same time.

While I can understand a relunctance on your parts to a debate so early before the November 2010 election – and that since you both are members of political parties that use the optional primary system…

The times we live in are not normal. The dollar is in crisis and unemployment is rampant. Civil liberties are restricted more with each passing day. We have apparently endless wars continuing in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I am traveling the district and the people are hurting. Congress’s solutions of more spending through the stimulus plan and more taxation via the Cap and Trade bill on energy and even our health care seem dubious at best.

Regardless of our differences in views as candidates, we owe it to the public to debate on these issues…

Congressional races should not be similar to sports teams duking out a popularity contest, we should have a healthy debate on the issues – for the good of the PEOPLE.


It is time to start supporting this man guys. We have some momentum here please go volunteer some of your time and money for him we can win this race.