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Thread: U.S. Terrorizes Switzerland Over Taxes, Banking

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    U.S. Terrorizes Switzerland Over Taxes, Banking

    The U.S. government and the IRS are using threats and intimidation to coerce tiny Switzerland into changing its laws and handing over the names of Americans suspected of avoiding U.S. taxes using Swiss banks. by Alex Newman

    U.S. Terrorizes Switzerland Over Taxes, Banking

    Alex Newman | The New American
    Wednesday, 16 June 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankRep View Post
    Good for the Swiss upper house for standing up and refusing to go kowtow to pressure.
    The evils of the protecting-duty, may undoubtedly be graduated by compromises, like those of every other species of tyranny, but the folly of letting in some tyranny has in all ages been fatal to liberty. A succession of wedges, though apparently small, finally splits the strongest timber. ~John Taylor of Caroline, Tyranny Unmasked

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    Why are they so desperate to catch these tax evaders? If deficits don't matter, why don't they just borrow the money they need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sevin View Post
    Why are they so desperate to catch these tax evaders? If deficits don't matter, why don't they just borrow the money they need?

    I would say they are more interested in crushing any remaining so called "tax havens". It is an imperative for the G20 and they have made a list of non-compliant countries that do not meet their totalitarian standards:
    "Paper money has the effect to ruin commerce,oppress the honest, and open the door to every species of fraud and injustice"


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    Is there any material way we can support the Swiss on this? Apply pressure the other way?
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    the Swiss would not have a problem if their banks only operated in Switzerland.

    that's why in 1944 they were able to resist similar FDR pressure. they made themselves vulnerable

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