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Thread: Does General Sanchez former commander of Iraq agree with Ron Paul?

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    Default Does General Sanchez former commander of Iraq agree with Ron Paul?

    This is on the front page of Drudge in Red.

    Sanchez calls "Iraq war a nightmare with no end in sight."

    Does this validate Ron Paul's position?
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    I'm not sure if he supports Ron Paul's military positions across the board. You have to take into account Paul wants full withdrawal. Troops out of Korea so they can reunify, troops out of Europe so we're not subsidizing nations with higher living standards than our own, etc etc. What I do know is that this is practically mutiny and is absolutely unheard of in our history. How the neocons were able to hypnotize SO many Republicans into not even recognizing the significance of these statements comming from top ranking military (let alone the rebellion from the boots on the ground swelling up) is terrifying... absolutely terrifying that they could pull so much wool over our eyes.

    What would be most beneficial in these circumstances would be a full endorsement from the brass to Ron Paul. And if not from them then from lower ranking military members in droves. That we have now already, but the information is being supressed by the "support the government .. er .. we mean troops" media. If only we had more resources for getting the voices of our troops around the world heard by the public - especially the rest of the Republican party still convinced Iran is the boogeyman and Iraq will follow us home if we leave and allow them to rebuild their own country and own 100% of their own oil.
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