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Thread: Janet Napolitano offers to help secure the border of Saudi Arabia

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    Default Janet Napolitano offers to help secure the border of Saudi Arabia

    The United States government, which has difficulty controlling its own borders, has agreed to help Saudi Arabia secure its dangerous border areas near Yemen.
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    "Janet Napolitano offers to help secure the border of Saudi Arabia"

    How much sense does this make?
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    One of the comments left in that article says
    We BEG for the govt to help us secure our American borders and she laughs and ignores us, but now she's offering to help a foreign government secure their's? If ever there was doubt that our current administration didn't give a crap about this country, this article should remove it.

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    The Yemenis only take the jobs the Saudis don't want. Their only crime is wanting a better life. This is just racism!
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    Meh, they'll just setup a few "designated border crossing," require everyone to have a national i.d. card, and basically make life a pain in the ass for the good people who don't want to chance getting caught disrespecting their authoritah. You know, just like they do in America.

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    Janet Napolitano :


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    I don't really believe this. What can the US do that the Saudis can't do themselves?

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