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Thread: Obama during oil spill — golf, parties, photo-ops… and more golf! (photos)

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    Obama during oil spill — golf, parties, photo-ops… and more golf! (photos)

    Since the oil spill started....BOzo has had...

    Two days of media events (White House Correspondents Dinner and a tęte a tęte with Bono)

    Three days of fundraising

    Four commemorations

    Six days of vacation

    Six days of campaigning

    Six sports events

    Seven days of golf

    (my apologies if this is already posted...)
    Why can't everybody else leave everybody else alone?

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    ole Gen'l IKE used to golf to alleviate the stress of his job in the 1950s!
    Barack Obama is now inside a similar level of job stress but has a much
    healthier body than IKE or JFK did during their presidencies. so if we all
    pull back from being judgemental about Rand Paul letting a boozy crew
    of celebrating people INTO a sorta snobbish local KY country club and
    allow the very fact that DEMOCRATs also play golf, then we all see our
    POTUS totally vindicates the TIGER WOODs statement Rand recently made.

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    After GEN"L IKE, the sport went sorta DEMOCRAT, too! RAND PAUL is correct if he namedrops
    TIGER WOODs! presidents who are not polio victims often golf due to the pressures of the job.
    evidently our own "greater unwashed" did not trash the local country-club. they had a grand time...

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    vice president richard milhous nixon actually brilliantly ran the country in 1957 for IKE in few weeks.
    ole IKE would go to his farm in gettysburg to totally relax and play golf. veep joe biden is like nixon.
    fortunately we have a VERY healthy potus, and we maybe will not see our veep joe biden handling
    more than he already does. barack obama KNOWs how much publicity the press corp gave IKE as
    they speculated on how healthy the old general was between holes. golf is a metaphor for power.
    TIGER WOODs drew the WORLD into golf when he was having his good days and able to put well!!!

    Last edited by Aratus; 06-04-2010 at 08:25 AM. Reason: RAND PAUL IS STILL TAKING "FLAC" FROM CONWAY's AGITPROP PEOPLE...

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