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Thread: Larry Elder: Israel Alone

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    Larry Elder: Israel Alone

    Vice President Joe Biden, wrong on virtually every major foreign policy issue since his election to the Senate in 1972, nailed this one: He warned that actors on the international stage would test the new, inexperienced President.

    He knew that President Barack Obama's enemies would perceive his strength-through-peace (versus peace-through-strength) approach as weakness. They do and are acting accordingly.

    Candidate Obama vowed to hold high-level talks with Iran and North Korea without "preconditions." Obama promised a "reset" of all things President George W. Bush, with no more talk of "victory" in Iraq and Afghanistan. He reneged on the promised missile shield defense in Poland and the Czech Republic. He waits for countries like China and Russia, both of which have business interests in Iran, to agree to "tough, crippling" sanctions.

    Rush Limbaugh

    The President dropped the term "war on terror" and refuses to call Islamofascists "Islamofascists." He apologetically says America is vital in maintaining world peace "whether we like it or not." He sent a videotaped message to Iran telling of our willingness to re-engage the country -- if only it would unclench its fist. It unclenched more time for Iran to pursue a nuclear bomb. The administration was painfully slow to acknowledge that the Times Square truck bomb attempt involved foreign Islamic terrorists.

    The administration chastised Israel for settlement construction in an area of east Jerusalem that President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush and even Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat assumed would be part of Israel in any peace agreement. During Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's state visit, Obama treated him worse than a White House dinner gate-crasher.

    How's the hope and change working out?

    Find out at:

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    Larry Elder has defended Rand Paul. He wrote a book defending Libertarianism. He supports legalizing drugs, and dramatic decreases in the size of government. But he supports Israel.



    Slutter McGee

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    Oppression and terrorism against unarmed people tends not to be very socially attractive trait lately in the new PC world we live today. So no wonder they often rank as the most hated country in most world opinion polls lately.
    Or could it be the whole world is prejudiced?

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    this is exactly the type of attitude Ron Paul rails against, such as in his debates with john mcCain.

    "But why the flotilla now?

    The most significant intervening event is the election of President Obama.

    so they sent the flotilla because obama got elected?

    so the guys election inpsires people to humanitarian gestures and this is a bad thing?

    the rest of this essay is a collection of the lamest cliches this side of mike huckabee.

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