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Thread: Greece: The Welfare State

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    Greece: The Welfare State

    Back in May of 2009, the Obama administration asked Congress to appropriate $108 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Why would Congress give a “loan” to a globalist organization like the IMF, which has driven nations from recessions to depressions? Why would Congress give away taxpayer money that could be used to fund projects in the United States rather than to bailout a country that failed? Shouldn’t the responsibility of controlling debt be placed on the elected officials and the people of a sovereign nation? Why should the people of one country be culpable for the debts of another country thousands of miles away and an ocean apart? The logical and moral answer to these questions is that the government and the citizens of a nation that has spent beyond its means are accountable for its debt and downfall. When the Senate gave billions in taxpayer dollars to the IMF, they neither knew what the billions would be spent on nor did the Senate specify what the billions should be spent on...

    Isn't it ironic how welfare in the form of an IMF bailout is being given to a failed welfare state?

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    Its a malfare state. Making people poorer by promising them "free stuff". It just happens that they have to pay the "free stuff" with taxes.

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