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Thread: Pop Bottles my Liberty friends!! RAND PAUL WINS!!!

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    Default Pop Bottles my Liberty friends!! RAND PAUL WINS!!!

    This goes out to all my 07RPF members!!!

    Enjoy tonight!!!

    YouTube - Birdman & Lil Wayne - Pop Bottles Video

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    Picked up this not really paying attention to the name... Victory.
    In the end, it's never what you worry about that gets you.

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    I have two bottles of champagne...hopefully that's enough.

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    Awww Yah. The Rare Eagle has landed.

    We killed half a bottle of this tonight. Got the proper Riedels for the occasion and they are amazing.

    *BURPS* is For Sale, to benefit RPF and RP2012.

    Silver kills vampires: We store. We wait. We win.

    Economics, like chemistry, has nothing to do with politics. -Chodorov

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