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Thread: One funny story and one inspirational story from Chicago Marathon Ron Paul blitz

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    One funny story and one inspirational story from Chicago Marathon Ron Paul blitz

    So, on Sunday, a bunch of Ron Paul supporters from the Greater Chicago Meetup Group got together and handed out slim jims (50,000) to Marathon spectators. Here's my two most memorable responses:

    Me: "Excuse me, sir, but have you heard of Ron Paul?"
    Him: "No..."
    Me: "He's a tenth-term Congressman running for President. He-"
    Him: "--Is he Republican?"
    Me: "Well, yes, he is; but he is the only candidate who never votes for anything that is in direct disagreement with the Constitution, or infringes on our liberties. He's voted against the unconstitutionally started Iraq war, he voted against the Patriot Act, he voted against abolishing habeus corpus and tortur--"
    Him: "--He's against everything I'm for! I'm a 14-year veteran from the Marines."
    Me: (without skipping a beat) "Well, that's wonderful, because Ron Paul has received more donations from the Army and the Marines than any other candidate!"
    Him: (now grumpy) "Yeah I highly doubt that."
    Me: "No, I'm serious! Google 'ron paul army donations'; do it, Google Ron Paul! Have a great day!"

    Another one was where I walked up to a guy, and started giving him my Ron Paul spiel. He cut me off after fifteen seconds and said "Yes, I know who Ron Paul is, he's truly a wonderful man. However, I'm a Democrat, and I really don't think he can win. However, I've been hit by two other of you people. It's really wonderful what you're doing, and I'm proud that there are still Americans like you." He went on congratulating me for five minutes and finished with "You're doing a great job. Please, keep it up. He's a truly wonderful man. What's your name? I'm Dave." "I'm Robert." "Wonderful, Robert. Keep doing what you're doing!"

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    a marine against liberty? that's quite bad.
    No one reads signatures.

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    I know. I was shocked for a second, but came up with the military donation figures response.

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