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For the second consecutive year, more Americans identify as pro-life.

The only group the became more pro-choice over the past eight years was 'Democrats'. The shift in 'lean Republican' and 'Independents' are really interesting.

The only age group that remains more pro-choice is 30-49, those born between 1960-1980. The past 8 years have seen a 5 point swing toward life in the 18-29 crowd.

Both men and women are 3-4 points more pro-life than pro-choice. Just two years ago they were 4-5 points more pro-choice.

See the article for graphs.

What happened in the last couple years? The abortion industry has been facing an onslaught of undercover videos by Liveaction like this one, showing PP employees consistently willing to lie and cover for statutory rapists.

YouTube - Kentucky Abortion Center Fails to Report Child Sex Abuse

What Liberty types can take from this strategically:

1. People are starting to see abortion as an industry of exploitation, not a service. It will profit and grow with national healthcare. A PP center just down the street from me in Saint Paul is building a new mega-clinic in anticipation of Obamacare boosting.

YouTube - Bloodmoney Trailer

2. 'SEND IT TO THE STATES' will start to have crossover appeal if:
--- we can show choicers that they are losing ground. winner-takes-all judge wars are not in their interests at this point.
--- we can convince lifers not to get greedy. Again: get out of the winner-takes-all judge wars mentality.

The Gallop article.