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Thread: Here We Go Again (Again): 100% Unverifiable E-Voting Systems Set for Use in Kentucky

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    Here We Go Again (Again): 100% Unverifiable E-Voting Systems Set for Use in Kentucky

    by Brad Friedman Brad Blog

    WebNote: Wondering why Congress doesn’t give a damn about all your letters, faxes and phone calls? Confused about their refusal to vote against the bailouts and auditing the Federal Reserve – despite the demands of the American people? It’s called EVM – Electronic Voting Machines. We can never be sure that our vote is counted accurately as long as computers count the votes. Wake Up! Get these machines out of our counties and go back to paper ballots, hand counted by the local citizens. Several European countries have dumped their EVMs – we can do it too!

    After all these years, not much has changed for the denialist jurisdictions that still insult their voters by using 100% unverifiable electronic voting machines.

    Pittsburgh’s WTAE filed a report last week [1] with a ring of exhausting familiarity — at least to long time readers of The BRAD BLOG [2]. This one stars, as usual, both an open, unsecured door to the warehouse, and an election official — in this case, Allegheny County Pennsylvania’s Election Division manager, Mark Wolosik — claiming he’s “seen” no problems before, so everything is just dandy, nothing to worry about when it comes to his support of the use of 100% unverifiable electronic voting systems by his county’s voters…

    YouTube - Team 4: Security Concerns About Voting Machines Remain


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    the irony of trey grayson not recusing himself as he
    declares to one and all his own personal honesty
    is that he has to be sure the count is accurate!

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    FYI: Here is a link to each county's voting machine and whether a paper trail is available:

    Can't vouch for its accuracy.
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