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Thread: Jake Towne video

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    Jake Towne video

    Jake Towne just came out with a new video he would like to put on TV. Here is the link

    YouTube - Jake Towne for US Congress, Pennsylvania's 15th District - 30 Sec Promo

    There is a money bomb for him on the DP May 20th lets raise the money to put it on the air.

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    Nice ad----it's pure Jake

    Will the peace symbol hurt him or help him? Only he and his research staff will know the truth to that (and time). Doesn't bother me at all, but I know some would recoil out of habit from the old days....maybe a dove would be better?
    Liberty, of course, has her price in blood, if we do not suppport her when she is in trouble.

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    the peace symbol sorta bothers me. hippie-sh?

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    I don't think it will

    it goes by pretty quick I don't think a neocon would process it fast enough, but a democrat would see it easier which is something they'd like. It also talks about freedom and property enough I think conservatives will like it.

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    Hey Jake Towne is part

    of a money bomb today guys! Lets give him as much as we can he deserves it.
    here is the thread on the DP if you wish to check it out,

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