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Thread: Seeing Sam Rohrer signs everywhere

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    Seeing Sam Rohrer signs everywhere

    His signs are all over the place. Based on signs alone I would think he would be polling around 60-70%. In reality he is only polling at about 10% though and has virtually no chance of winning. Makes no sense to me how the other guy does so well in polls but there is zero visible support for him anywhere.

    I'll be reluctantly voting for Rohrer.

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    our people are good with the ground game :-)

    enthusiastically vote for Rohrer, not reluctantly :-)
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    yeah i saw a $#@!load by g.m.l.'s school

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    Remember most people who vote are either dependant on the establishment or are part of commitees which had picked their horse a long time ago.

    The secret to winning will always getting enough people who normally don't vote willing to go and vote.
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    I'll be reluctantly voting for him as well, and yeah his signs are everywhere

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    I donated to his campaign and will be voting for him. He had a lot of radio ads but I did not see one TV ad for him. Did he have any TV ads? (Sam Rohrer)
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    I haven't seen any TV ads. I didn't hear any radio ads either and I listen to AM radio for about 1-2 hours a day. I guess the philadelphia market is probably too expensive for Republicans

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