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Thread: How to steal an election

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    How to steal an election

    Many on this forum don't think that Charles III will try to steal this election, but since it is obvious from the legitimate polls that he is behind by more than the margin of error, and some people are adamently against Rand, I would not put it past a few zealous Grayson supporters to try to insure victory at all costs. After all, these are people who are willing to use push-polling and lie to James Dobson to reach their goal (and Grayson himself approves messages that he knows includes outright lies).

    This article describes how vote manipulation was done in Clay County: If anything, it shows to the naive among you that think vote-stealing is impossible (or improbable) that it is not, at least here in Kentucky.

    I don't know which counties still use this type of machine (Jefferson County doesn't), but if any precincts need to have poll-watchers, it's those with these type of machines.

    It might also be good for the campaign to send a letter to people who will be voting using these machines that your vote is not counted until after you okay the review screen.
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    The difference between Rand and Trey is around 8-10%. 17% are still undecided.

    Everyone needs to understand these two techniques:

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