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Thread: YouTube Grassroots project

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    YouTube Grassroots project

    What if everyone uploaded a short 3-5 second video to YouTube of them just saying something like "I support Ron Paul". Maybe title it the same like "I support Ron Paul".

    We could add the links here until some young enterprising web savvy type found a place to host them *hint* *hint*. It might make an interesting story for MSM to run addressing the whole Internet vs reality thing.

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    Why not the "Ron Paul Challenge" or something similar? Someone makes a video asking everyone to make a video response saying they support Ron Paul. Similar to the Blasphemy Challenge:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti-Donkey View Post
    Why not the "Ron Paul Challenge" or something similar? Someone makes a video asking everyone to make a video response saying they support Ron Paul. Similar to the Blasphemy Challenge:
    Haha that is great! I like the connotations of "Ron Paul Challenge", something that's catchy and implies dissidence might cut across the static better.

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    Someone would need to make a video similar to that one and urge others to respond with their endorsement of Ron Paul.

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    Great idea. I would however not in any way mention the blasphemy challenge
    anywhere near this project - too many christians will be ticked off (and we're not
    in the business of ticking people off, now do we?)


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    Thumbs up That's an excellent idea!

    The only thing is ...I value my privacy. I don't much like having my pictures taken, but I suppose I could wear a mask, dim the lights, or just go ahead and do it anyways.

    Any experienced user care to create the a video challenging Ron Paul supporters to put a face to their otherwise anonymous usernames?

    It could start off with a whole bunch of clips of the media emphasizing "internet" supporters (as if we didn't exist in the real world), screenshots of polls that were pulled because of spamming claims, excerpts from comments saying things like the grassroots movements only consist of college-age white males (yes, certainly a good part but not all!), etc. And then an example of person saying simply "I support Ron Paul." And maybe add "Do you?" at the end, but keep it short and sweet.

    Anyways, really cool idea! ★★★★★

    P.S. - I remember years ago, CNN once ran an "I am an American" advert. It was broadcast overseas and it helped dispel the concept that real Americans were all fair skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes.

    The ad basically showed men, women, and children of different backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. One was an African-American man, another was a lady wearing a hijab (Muslim veil), another was a girl of Hispanic descent, another was a girl who looked very Japanese, etc. All said "I am an American." and I think that simple statement coupled with the image of a real person made a huge impact.

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    This idea kind of reminds me of the online rally site that was used for the mosaic in the Iowa newspaper ad.
    Taking the campaign to the next level! Click for info!

    Blessed are the peacemakers - Matthew 5:9

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