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Thread: Crist: I could vote for a Democrat as Senate Majority Leader

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    Crist: I could vote for a Democrat as Senate Majority Leader

    It’s important to remember that this same man told a Fox News Sunday audience five weeks ago that the Republican Party was “wonderful” and that he was “very proud” of it. Charlie Crist sings a much different song for David Gregory on NBC’s Meet the Press today. When Gregory asks Crist with which party Crist will choose to caucus, Crist tries to dodge it, saying he’ll “caucus with the people of Florida,” a nonsensical response that Gregory won’t allow to pass. Eventually, Crist declares that he could vote for a Democratic Majority Leader in the upper chamber as easily as a Republican:

    YouTube - Crist Evades Questions on Meet The Press

    GREGORY: “Would you vote for a Republican or a Democratic Majority Leader?”

    CRIST: “I might not vote for either one. I’m going to vote for who I think would be best for the people of Florida. And if that happens to be a Democrat, so be it. If it happens to be a Republican, so be it. But I’ve got to look out for the people of my state.”

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    is someone trying to float Crist as Biden's replacement in two years...?

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