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Thread: Freemason Knights Templar meeting in Italy 2 days ago

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    Freemason Knights Templar meeting in Italy 2 days ago

    You can believe this or not. If it is true, I have no doubt this man's life is now in danger.

    So this is my first official thread that I am posting to this website, and I can think of a better topic to post about than something I had just learned these past couple days...

    I am currently in the Marche Region of Italy, in the city of Ancona. Ancona is surrounded by other smaller sized city's that dates back to Ancient Rome and beyond, this place is full of history, not to mention occult symbolism.

    I am currently here on a business trip for a jewelry show here in this region. I had only recently join the ranks of the Freemasons in a lodge in *******, **. (That's where I live).

    During my stay here I was invited to go with a few interpreters to a Scottish Rite Lounge in a small town near Ancona. They asked me because they had needed more interpreters and I had mentioned that I had recently been initiated. So obviously they thought I would get a kick out of this trip.

    On the way there they warned me that Masonry on this side of the globe is nothing compared to what we do in the United States. I was told flat out that these are very bad, very powerful people.

    The first thing I learned shortly after walking through the doors is that the true Freemasons are, in fact the Knights Templar! This meeting was a meeting of the Templar Knights under the guise of the Freemasons.

    I couldn't believe what I had just heard. If I had even mentioned that anywhere in America I would be called crazy. I had been researching the Masons for years, I had learned about many good and bad things. After hearing from fellows brothers of other lodges I was completely convinced that these stories were completely bogus.

    Now as far as the secrets go, every high up mason holds a small piece of the secrets. There religion is, in fact, that of the Pagan Mystery Schools. They literally told me the hold the secrets of the ages.

    I am not saying this as a conspiracy theorist, I witnessed this first hand!

    I was so nervous walking around this place, I provided absolutely no help to the other interpreters.

    Now if you think that is bad, I only told you what I assumed I was allowed to share. 99% of what I was told about I had to swear that it would not leave the building.
    Now I know what you are thinking, why would they openly tell me all this information. Well, the truth is much of it wasn't told directly to me until I became acquainted with a renowned Italian Prefect (aka Politician) Most of what I heard was being told to me and the translators to the American Delegates.

    Now this is difficult for me but I can not mention who was there or what we talked about. But as far as the American Delegates that were there, that I stood right next to, I couldn't believe who I was seeing. The most appropriate thing I can mention is that everyone I saw, you definitely know exactly who they are... No Barack Obama was not there

    Now this was literally 3 days ago. I am typing this from my hotel room. I paid 20 euro to have this wifi connection.

    I am writing this because I want you people to know that there is something bigger that we can even imagine behind the scenes of the Freemason. They are everything and everywhere. And those conspiracies you may have come across, most true

    To the Masons on this site and through out the United States, don't chew me out because you are a Mason and you believe this is bull... This is real, I didn't believe it before and I sure as hell don't want to believe it now.

    The Masons are the continuation of the Knights Templar. Do not argue with me there because the meeting was called "Meeting of the Knights Templar"
    I learned there history in nearly 48 hours.

    This is how fate works people. I had no intention of going to any Freemason meeting when I was out here. I am a Jeweler, I am buying Jewelry out here! I don't believe in coincidence. God put me in that situation because he wanted me to know.

    If you don't believe me that is perfectly fine. But, these past few days has completely changed my life

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    Well, duh! Didn't you see The Da Vinci Code?

    This book needs to be read by every American. is For Sale, to benefit RPF and RP2012.

    Silver kills vampires: We store. We wait. We win.

    Economics, like chemistry, has nothing to do with politics. -Chodorov

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    Lightbulb The KNIGHTS TEMPLAR (Order of Solomon's Temple)

    The KNIGHTS TEMPLAR (Order of Solomon's Temple) (founded 1118) were sent on the Crusades to metaphorically capture the ‘ARK of the COVENANT’ (kept in SOLOMON’s TEMPLE).

    The ‘ARK of the COVENANT’ can be re-interpreted as the ‘CONTRACT of the ARCH’ and is pretty much what modern Freemasonry is all about.

    HierARCHical Structure of Freemasonry - the Contract of the ARCH by Prince Arthur, on Flickr

    The Knights Templar (Order of Solomon's Temple) still exist to this day in the modern structure of Freemasonry and they stand on the top step of the YORK RITE of Freemasonry.

    The following PDF document and photo links may be of interest:



    Also, Knights Trivia Quiz link (MS Powerpoint) to test how much you really know about Knights (ancient and modern).


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    the post is from 11 1/2 years ago. it was "VinnyboyXI"'s only post.

    goofy disinfo. He did say Barack Obama wasn't there, and embellished that joke with a funny face.

    safe to say
    "For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy ... Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed." - J.F.K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowball View Post
    the post is from 11 1/2 years ago. it was "VinnyboyXI"'s only post.

    goofy disinfo. He did say Barack Obama wasn't there, and embellished that joke with a funny face.

    safe to say
    Must be a reason why Arthur has bumped a crap ton of freemason threads by posting that exact same info over and over since yesterday. Kinda suspect....
    "Let it not be said that we did nothing."-Ron Paul

    "We have set them on the hobby-horse of an idea about the absorption of individuality by the symbolic unit of COLLECTIVISM. They have never yet and they never will have the sense to reflect that this hobby-horse is a manifest violation of the most important law of nature, which has established from the very creation of the world one unit unlike another and precisely for the purpose of instituting individuality."- A Quote From Some Old Book

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    The ENGLISH term for KNIGHT appears to have deviated from the FRENCH equivalent of CHEVALIER (derived from CHEVAL - HORSE).

    The Latin word for KNIGHT is EQUES - also derived from HORSE - EQUUS.

    Why don't we use the obvious English word of CAVALIER?

    The HORSE theme would seem logical but we don't use it?

    Looking at some other European languages the HORSE (RIDING) theme is prevalent….

    Romanian Knight – CAVALER
    Italian Knight – CAVALIERE
    Spanish Knight – CABALLERO
    Portuguese Knight – CAVALEIRO
    Corsican Knight - CAVALIERE
    Esperanto Knight – KAVALIRO
    Irish Knight – RIDIRE
    Scottish Gaelic Knight – RIDIRE
    Swedish Knight – RIDDARE
    Danish Knight – RIDDER
    Dutch Knight – RIDDER
    Norwegian Knight - RIDDER
    Lithuanania Knight – RITERIS
    Finnish Knight – RITARI
    German Knight – RITTER

    An alternative suggestion as to why we use ‘KNIGHT’ in the English language rather than ‘CAVALIER’ is as follows:


    A common phrase.

    Dark and Light.
    Black and White.
    Good and Evil.

    Chess pieces by Tom VanAllen, on Flickr

    A KNIGHT’S ACTIONS – dark deeds perhaps?

    Also, is a ‘KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR’ someone who is illuminated?



    Knights Trivia Quiz link (MS Powerpoint) to test how much you really know about Knights (ancient and modern).
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