Let me first say, if Goldman said the investments were one thing and they were actually something else and/or if they lied about who put the investment together then they need to be held accountable.

I feel that the banks and investors in the CDOs will have to suffer for taking bad investments. The real problem starts with the government interfering with the private sector and choosing winners. If the government didn't bail out AIG then it would be an isolated issue that would take care of itself and it wouldn't effect everyone(tax payers). Businesses who did not do their due diligence on who and what they were investing in would suffer. No solution can turn back the clock, but this would prevent it from happening again for a long long time. I feel like people will call for more regulation because that is the default stance of the average Joe when something goes wrong. I do not feel like this problem was due to less regulation, but simply because of greed and laziness. So do you guys believe more regulation will come about because of this fraud case? If yes, what kind.