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Thread: Need live update metrics for money bomb!

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    Need live update metrics for money bomb!

    BJ's site doesn't have a live donation counter. Is somebody running a graphs site for BJ? I did a google search but couldn't find one.

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    They've been trying to get in contact with the NETBOOTS people, but haven't heard anything back. Several campaign people made calls, and e-mails went unanswered.

    We definitely need to get something up...and soon.
    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao Tzu

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    Any ideas what today has brought in?

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    BJ's facebook update said so far $8,100.....

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    $8,100+ is damn good for his first online fundraiser, with only 2 weeks of promotion. Remember it was very hard raising funds for Rand in the beginning... With Lawson's next moneybomb we need at least 4 weeks and continue spreading the word about donating and supporting him. This is going to be very similar I believe to how Rand started, people need to see videos of Lawson talking to the people, out there working hard, and a busy schedule of events.

    We definitely need graphs and an online ticker on his website(I like the rest of his site very similar to Rand's-the closer the better imo). As people are learning about him entering the race again, the donations will increase, and motivate others to give again seeing others donating(this helped build Rand and Ron's fundraising daily - it's all about the graphs! lol).

    Also daily updates in this forum help alot!

    I have a really good feeling about this race like Rand's race. Lawson is going to win it.


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    what was the total raised?

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    Is there any polling done on this race? How is it looking for him in the primary being so close away?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkubic46 View Post
    what was the total raised?
    almost $9,000
    tu ne cede malis

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    That's a quality bomb for a Congressional race. A few more like that and we can get him through the primary.

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