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Thread: Observation: Matthews always asked Ron Paul the questions, Maria Bartiromo didn't

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    Observation: Matthews always asked Ron Paul the questions, Maria Bartiromo didn't

    I'm watching it now, at the 9:00 viewing, so we are not all the way through yet. But my girlfriend noticed that Matthews asked RP question, often first. Maria Bartiromo hasn't once (so far).

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    “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.”

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    I didn't watch the whole debate. The only portion I saw where Ron was asked a question was when Maria wanted to go down the line and have each candidate very briefly answer a question about whether Dubai should be allowed to own a 20% share in Nasdaq.

    She started with Ron. He talked for maybe 5 seconds, when she rudely interrupted him and demanded that he answer more specifically, which he immediately did. Then she went down the line, and allowed each candidate to pontificate and beat around the question without answering it, and she let them talk all they wanted. I was so angry, I shut off the debate and didn't watch any more.

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    We should email and let her know we saw this rude attitude clearly on tv,i totally agree,very bad moderators

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