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Thread: 2009 - Best Year Ever for Hedge Funds

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    Exclamation 2009 - Best Year Ever for Hedge Funds


    25. Alan Howard, Brevan Howard, $350 million

    24. James Dinan, York Capital, $350 million

    23. Brian J. Higgins, King Street Capital, $375 million

    22. O. Francis Biondi Jr., King Street Capital, $375 million

    21. Bruce Kovner, Caxton Associates, $375 million

    20. Daniel Och, Och-Ziff Capital, $390 million
    19. Ray Dalio, Brigewater Associates, $400 million

    18. Michael Hintze, CQS Management, $420 million

    17. Stanley Druckenmiller, Duquense Capital Management, $450 million

    16. Andreas Halvorsen, Viking Global, $450 million

    15. Louis Bacon, Moore Capital, $450 million

    14. Israel Englander, Millenium Management, $475 million

    13. David Shaw, DE Shaw, $500 million

    12. Marc Lasry, Avenue Capital, $500 million

    11. Paul Tudor Jones II, Tudor Jones Investment Corp, $750 million

    10. Phil Falcone, Harbinger Capital, $825 million

    9. John Arnold, Centaurus Advisors, $900 million

    8. Ken Griffin, Citadel, $900 million

    7. Eddie Lampert, ESL Investments, $1.3 billion

    6. Carl Icahn, Icahn Capital, $1.3 billion

    5. Steve Cohen, SAC Capital, $1.4 billion

    4. John Paulson, Paulson&Co, $2.3 billion

    3. James Simons, Renaissance Technologies, $2.5 billion

    2. George Soros, Soros Fund Management, $3.3 billion

    1. David Tepper, Appalossa Management, $3.7 billion
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    That 25% performance fee is really paying offf.

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    thinking about starting a hedge fund?
    rewritten history with armies of their crooks - invented memories, did burn all the books... Mark Knopfler

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    Really wish I would have scooped up some bofa when it was at 2 bucks. But I had to make a down payment on a car.
    Capitalists can exploit you only with your permission: by trading with you, selling to you, asking you to sell out.

    Government exploits you at the point of a gun.

    As long as you limit the power of the latter, the former can only exploit by providing better products, services and options. if they collude, then all bets are off. But that is a problem with government--in that case fascism--not capitalism.


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