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Thread: Why Some Christians Fail To Support Ron Paul

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    Why Some Christians Fail To Support Ron Paul

    Some good tidbits to help address Christian's hot-buttons . . .

    Why some Christians fail to support Ron Paul
    Covenant News Oct 03, 2007

    By Teno Groppi

    The Covenant News ~ October 01, 2007

    The main issue that keeps much of the Christian right from supporting Dr. Ron Paul is his position against the war on Iraq. A few are bothered by some of his libertarian slants, but even most Christians recognize we all win with his freedom message. A few more don't understand the concept of Federalism, erroneously thinking that supporting the removal of jurisdiction of things from the federal level to State and local governments equates support of things like drug abuse or prostitution. Still, that doesn't keep as many Christians from supporting Rep. Paul as the war issue does.

    Some of the religious right begrudgingly support one of the Republican neo-cons, because of the "lesser evil than Hillary" philosophy (which may not hold up in the case of Rudy Julie-Annie). Many have a lukewarm support (in contradistinction to the enthusiastic support Ron Paul generates) for one of the candidates who may be legitimate quasi-conservatives (Tancredo, Huckabee, Hunter, Brownback). The war is the big wall that keeps all those from flocking to Ron Paul. There's one big blind spot the war supporters exhibit. If they could regain their sight, they would flock to Dr. Paul and he would easily win the GOP nomination. Let me turn a light on and illuminate that blind spot.

    All of the Republican candidates placed their hand on a Bible and took an oath before their God and their countrymen to abide by the Constitution. Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who wasn't lying when he performed that first official act of office. Every other Republican candidate supported violating the Constitution to attack Iraq. If a candidate will lie while taking his oath of office while holding a Bible, can we trust him for anything after that?

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    There are some other issues as well, but this is a key issue among Christians.

    Also there are smear campaigns that say that Ron Paul supports drug abuse and prostitution, that he supports gay rights, blah blah blah.

    I just stick to the CONSTITUTION like Ron Paul does, and all of these other issues take care of themselves. Ron Paul has written enough information about where he stands on all of these issues that it is simply a matter of typing "Ron Paul+ what ever issue" and up it all comes!

    Many Christians I have spoken to say they support Thompson until I tell them how much of a "one world government" guy Freddo really is! Then when they find out about his immoral lifestyle and philandering ways, not to mention his flip flopping on key issues and shameless pandering, then it becomes a no-brainer. Ron Paul really IS the best choice for president - no matter who you are or what group you may belong to!

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    I've got a message for the fundamentalists. Don't look to pi in the sky. The Beast force ~will~ be defeated by the Christ force. The meek shall inherit the Earth. The militaristic bludgeon of the Beast force will be brought to bay by the true American Patiots. And they ain't the ones wanting to war with another monotheistic religion. Those under the glamour and spell of the Beast force are the warmongers. That is very clear.


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    Funny, I'm not getting the connection between being Christian and being an advocate for war. I'm and atheist, but I grew up hearing all about Jesus and somehow I don't picture him advocating people butchering each other. I guess it's just me. Was Jesus big on killing people you don't like? Did I miss that in Sunday school? There was the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades and the burning alive of "witches" and "heretics" and "heathens" and such. I'm kinda thinking that stuff wasn't much in line with philosophy of the Prince of Peace.

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