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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerOfLiberty View Post
    Is he liberty-minded?
    Not really. He says on his website he would repeal O'Malley's gun bill from last year, but also says he'll establish databases. He seems to be trying to placate himself as a pragmatist in a state that's 2:1 Democrat.

    I’m a Pro-Second Amendment Marine.
    I’m a Pro-Second Amendment American.
    I own firearms and my wife and daughters are trained to use them responsibly.
    I believe in our Constitution and in our God-given rights, one of which is to defend ourselves and our loved ones from enemies - both foreign and domestic.

    I also believe the government has no right to remove or infringe on our right to keep and bear arms and/or make it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to responsibly carry a firearm or obtain a conceal-carry weapon permit, if they choose to do so.
    I’m disappointed that the O’Malley Administration and our legislature enacted the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 (formerly SB-281). In fact, I publicly spoke out against this law before it was passed at a number of 2nd Amendment Gun Rights rallies in Annapolis.
    The only people this law protects are the hardened criminals who will ignore it while the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Maryland citizens are infringed upon and further restricted. And, while this law bars people who have been involuntarily committed to a mental health institution from possessing a firearm in Maryland, there is no national database to ensure this prohibition is enforced in other states.
    This is an example of Maryland heading in the wrong direction and a tendency in Annapolis to pass laws that “hurt Maryland first” instead of solving a problem. It’s beyond reason to think criminals use state-licensed firearm stores to purchase weapons they intend to use to commit crimes. It’s also beyond reason to think law-abiding citizens are safer by limiting the magazine capacity of a gun purchased in Maryland when criminals are free to illegally purchase any high-capacity black market weapon off the street. It’s time to stop treating legal Maryland gun owners like criminals.

    As governor,

    • I will propose legislation to REPEAL Maryland’s Firearm Safety Act of 2013 (formerly, SB-281) if the courts do not invalidate it, and restore Second Amendment rights to Marylanders.
    • I will propose legislation to make Maryland a “shall-issue” conceal-carry permit state.
    • I will support national efforts to develop a secure comprehensive database maintaining pertinent information, available at the point of purchase, to prevent firearms sales to anyone having been identified as having been involuntarily committed to a mental health institution. If we can stop dangerous people from boarding a plane, we can overcome the legal challenges of finding a way to prevent people with a serious mental illness from purchasing a weapon anywhere in the United States.
    • I will charge the Maryland State Police with maintenance of a temporary repository of firearms-related records for review purposes only with set guidelines for purging such information after background checks have been performed. The identity of legal gun owners as well as those ineligible to possess a firearm in Maryland should be maintained in the strictest of confidence.
    • I will continue all efforts to preserve and protect the safety and well-being of the general public through the continued utilization of background checks and waiting periods for certain weapons while empowering law enforcement officials with adequate resources to provide background checks in an expeditious and timely manner.
    • I will continue to ensure those convicted of violent crimes are NOT permitted access to firearms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pulp8721 View Post
    Not really. He says on his website he would repeal O'Malley's gun bill from last year, but also says he'll establish databases. He seems to be trying to placate himself as a pragmatist in a state that's 2:1 Democrat.
    It figures. This is a hard state to vote in. At least I don't have to deal with foreign policy at the local level. That makes it a little easier to vote for a less than perfect candidate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveshiscountry View Post
    Nothing about Charles Lollar on this forum. Why?
    This link has nothing about him, lawsuit info.
    Oust the Montebanks!

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