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Thread: Illinois Budget Crisis: New 4-Day School Weeks Might Be Coming In Illinois

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    Illinois Budget Crisis: New 4-Day School Weeks Might Be Coming In Illinois

    4-Day School Weeks Might Be Coming In Illinois
    State House Has Passed Bill Allowing School Districts To Set Up Shorter Weeks; Mayor Daley Has Doubts

    CBS 2 Chicago
    Mar 23, 2010

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    "Kids would still have to complete the same number of hours per school year, so switching to four-day school weeks would mean longer school days or shorter summer vacations..."That means the heat is not on, the lights are not on, we don't have to worry about cleaning the building," Buckner said.

    And when you throw the one less day a week of school bus service, it means a savings of nearly $2 million a year."

    Who explains this information to these guys??? If you do longer days then yes you will eliminate a days bus service or cleaning, but not lights and heat since they still have to complete the same number of hours!!!

    If they extend the weeks into the summer break then they have gained nothing!!!

    And these are the folks in charge of education??? UGH!!!

    Obama wants year round schooling and this is their way to get it through as a budget necessity. The american public is truly stupid if they follow this line of so called logic....
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    Yes, Illinois is a $#@!hole. I hate it here. I wish Chicago and everywhere within 50 miles of it would break of and form Chicagoland, the 51st state. Politicians don't bother going anywhere but Chicago because even if the rest of the state voted one way, it still can't out vote Chicago.
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