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Thread: Rand Paul fights for coal

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    Rand Paul fights for coal

    Rand and his supporters challenge Trey's claims that the good doctor is anti-coal.

    YouTube - Rand Paul Is Pro-Coal
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    in the capture of the video, you see treyson getting snarky with the dude next to him.
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    wow, awesome! wish i couldve been there.

    is there video out there of trey too?

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    Wow, that was a pretty cool rally the coal industry had for Rand there.
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    that bit at the end about AIG was great..
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    Ohhh, myyyy, goodness.

    Female Rand Paul supporters, are, the, BEST.
    WHY am I not in Kentucky.
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    Did Grayson even have any supporters there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Collins View Post
    Did Grayson even have any supporters there?
    There I fixed it for you, Matt. haha

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