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Thread: Media and Sheeple

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    Media and Sheeple

    This should be a lesson to everyone that the media still has the power to stop a movement by ignoring the candidate. She had momentum from the debates which led to more media exposure. This led to increases in polls 24% in early Feb. She could have gotten to at least thirty without the slip up. Then she would have been in a heads up contest with Perry. Then the Beck interview came and stopped the momentum. Then the media would not even mention her as a candidate, thus many who may have voted for her thought she didn't have a shot. It is what happens to many independents in other races. The media begins to ignore them and their votes are shed to the other candidates. The only one who has been able to overcome this so far is Rand Paul and I believe that is because of his fathers connection, which allow him to get on national tv more. Also his extreme campaigning probably hasn't hurt. I can not believe she did not do better in Paul's district.


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    Since he's already on tv a lot, hopefully Schiff can do this too. He rocked the debate tonight.

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    Makes you wonder if a large portion of people in ron's district only vote for him because of the big R slapped across his name.

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