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Thread: Is the DrudgeReport Neoconservative?

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    Is the DrudgeReport Neoconservative?

    I listend to Rush Limbaugh for a few months last year and he would reference the DrugeReport constantly so I started using it and haven't stopped yet. I stopped listening to Limbaugh after I looked up his unsupportive comments about Ron Paul on YouTube. When RP won the CPAC poll, it was #1 on Google News and Drudge didn't put it on the top of the page like I would have expected, only several hours later he put it in the small text part of the page. I notice that both Limbaugh and Drudge basically bash Democrats all day, which I'm fine with but they seem never to speak wrong of any Republican or the Iraq War etc. So I'm just wondering what other libertarians perspective on Drudge is and if they use it?
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    I think he has Ron Paul sympathies.

    He likes to make fun of everyone though.

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    I think Drudge is a neo-con, but don't quote me on that. It's still a pretty good resource to link to various new stories from various sources.
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    def neocon site...the obsession with what is happening in Iran is the red flag.

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    Tough to say. The DrudgeReport is basically a MSM link website. The only utility is that it provides a snapshot of some of the news at any given time.
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    He also regularly links Pat Buchanan, and civil liberties/surveillance-society related stuff.
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    Matt Drudge is DEFINITELY a neo-con...and a Zionist Israel Firster.

    Drudge...Kristol...National Review ..Rush all sing from the same hymn book..

    Drudge played a key role in conspiring with Lucy Goldberg and Bill Kristol to bring Clinton down with the Monica affair...

    They had it in for Clinton cuz he was being too civil to Arafat and refused to invade Iraq

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    Drudge is a Neo-Con. If anyone besides Ron Paul would have won CPAC it would have been front and center instead of bottom right.

    Drudge would have had a wet dream if Gingrich had won it.

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    The site was un-friendly to Ron Paul during the election.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctiger2 View Post
    Drudge is a Neo-Con. If anyone besides Ron Paul would have won CPAC it would have been front and center instead of bottom right.

    Drudge would have had a wet dream if Gingrich had won it.
    He's a NEOCON War Mongering Israeli Firster for sure... Where's Matt on the 12 Israeli Assassins with counterfeit/forged passports/visas?

    PS: I cutoff the top with Obama Pics and Health Care Crap... took up half the page.
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    He moved the Ron Paul story up and its been up for over 24 hours so i've no complaints

    it is the first time he's mentioned RP for a number of years despite the opportunity to link to stuff about Rand or quote RP's attacks as just a 'congressman'

    He has covered the israeli passport thing in the last week as far as I know but I agree with the sentiments, he is definitely a neocon due to the Iran stories and the beating of the war drum along with his glorification of Dick Cheney and the prominence he gives him

    The site is also edited by Andrew Breitbart:

    YouTube - Max Blumenthal confronted by Andrew Breitbart and Larry O'Connor/Stage right at CPAC 10

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    I've always like Blumenthal's work although I can't say I know much about that racism accusation.

    He used to go to Hagee's conference's in Texas and expose how they were trying to mold their religion to match Bush's foreign policy.

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    The site was un-friendly to Ron Paul during the election.
    No it wasn't. In fact, Drudge normally rode to the rescue for us when we needed big deadline.


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