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Thread: Medina on Freedomwatch?

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    Medina on Freedomwatch?

    What do you guys think about asking the Judge to have Debra on this coming Wednesday? It would still be kinda fresh news, and the two of them seem to do well together.
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    I think the Judge will be fair and very sympathetic.
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    Which ones gets the most listeners -- his radio show or Freedom Watch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyEagle View Post
    Which ones gets the most listeners -- his radio show or Freedom Watch?
    It's not about which gets more, it is about what kind of listeners they are. Anyone who listens to Freedom Watch is more likely than not already pro-liberty and is a fan of Debra's. Brian and the Judge listeners are more neo-connish and are probably more pro-Perry, so him talking about it on there would be better, although a Freedom Watch appearance couldn't hurt her. She needs a break with everyone sniping at her in the media.

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    I agree that we should get Medina to the Judge's radio show.

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