“With the Democrats in charge, man exploits man. When the Republicans are in charge, it's the opposite.” - seen on a local bumper sticker

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The campaign is in serious need of funds to enable us to spread the message, and I have a challenge for supporters. If supporters raise $20,000 or more between Valentine's Day (it's a rEVOLution, after all!!) and February 20, I will donate an additional $5,000 of my own money. This is a significant amount for me personally, and is not a candidate loan but a donation. The challenge is if campaign supporters and donors are willing to make a significant contribution towards saving our country, I will do so with my wallet as well as with my time. During the week, grassroot supporters are holding two money bombs, and totals from both these will count towards the weekly total. Updates on the totals will be found here on February 15, and in the comment thread below.

Through December 31, 2009, 387 donors have raised $16,400 for the campaign, including over $2,000 from myself. As a small independent campaign, we do not have a fundraising coordinator, so all funds raised has come from grassroot supporters in the district and nationwide. The median donation is about $25, so no donation is too small.

$16,400 may not seem like a lot compared to Republocrat totals, but it appears to be the highest total raised by any independent for the 2010 US House race per the FEC. The funds have been spent as best as possible given my level of political experience (which was zero back in May 2009 when the campaign began). The results – one of the Republocrat's poll reports the campaign already at 8% in January, and likely 40% is all that is necessary to win. While the only poll that counts will be on Election Day in November, based on supporter feedback, many people will be turning out who have not troubled to vote in years.

Campaign volunteers have distributed over 20,000 flyers to residences over the district in the past two months, and the number of supporters spreading the word in the district grows daily. Several half-page newspaper ads like the one below were placed in January newspapers and over a hundred people, most of them completely new, have attended Towne Halls to ask questions. Hundreds of yard signs are up all over the district to promote name recognition. This past week I appeared on the locally well-known Bobby Gunther Walsh radio show, and appeared on FOX News with Judge Napolitano for the third time. I have met and interviewed with every person who has asked, in addition to going door-to-door all over the district - though I have a lot more to cover

The total of $25,000 was not picked out of thin air. It is how much I believe is necessary to wage an effective campaign against the Republocrats well into this election year. The money will be used for additional advertising, to fund campaign events, door-to-door campaigning, and to assure ballot access when signatures are permitted to be collected starting March 10.

JAKE TOWNE “FIRE CAKE” MONEY BOMB, Monday, February 15th

During the Pennsylvania winter of 1777-78, Continental soldiers got their nourishment from “fire cakes” - a tasteless mixture of flour and water – at Valley Forge. February 15, 2010 is the 278th anniversary of George Washington's birthday.

The campaign has paid special attention to veterans and to follow the foreign policy of George Washington outlined in his 1796 farewell address that guided our country for most of the following century. See Our Veterans plank, Iraq War plank, and Afghanistan War plank. Thanks to legalizeliberty of dailypaul.com for organizing this money bomb!!!

LIBERTY CANDIDATES rEVOLution MONEY BOMB, Wednesday, February 17th

Towne for Congress is one of four liberty candidates selected by this group to take part in this money bomb. Thanks to Gigi Bowman for organizing this money bomb!!!

Besides spreading the message in a very cost-effective manner, please check out this post “Why Donate?” which also has the latest donor report.

I have promised to only take the median household income and will donate the remainder to local non-profit hospitals, not enlist in the super-lucrative congressional pension plan, nor the elite congressional health care plan.
I do not and will not take donations from lobbyist PAC groups and corporate PAC groups like my career politician opponents. I will never sell out the people of my district to DC lobbies and corporate interests. 100% of all contributions to-date have come from individuals.

We have very little overhead expenses, such as no expensive office to maintain, and there are no staff salaries to pay since the campaign is all volunteers.
As an independent, there is no primary so your donation will go towards a liberty candidate assured to be in the November 2nd, 2010 general election as the signature gathering is not expected to be a challenge.

Let me be straightforward. My competitors have already raised well over $1 million, and the party machines are expected to rain cash on this particular district. Success is by no means assured... but there is no real difference between Republocrat A and Republocrat B. These career politicians have yet to contribute a single penny to their own campaigns, so that tells you how badly they want to win it.

If campaign volunteers and I succeed at spreading the message, the US House of Representatives will have, for the first time in a LONG time, an independent voice that has not accepted corporate PAC or lobbyist money, and will speak the truth to power. This is a voice that not only the district, but our entire country sorely needs.

When implemented, a keystone of my campaign, the “Open Office” will shine a little sunlight into the gloomy halls of DC, and maybe, just maybe, spread like wildfire to other districts and disinfect our country of the parasites and lawless rogues who have broken their oaths to the Constitution of the United States.

A brighter dawn is on the way. All that must be done is to defend individual liberties, ruthlessly wage peace, and promote the prosperity of our society by ending government interventions with the economy.

That Freedom Shall Not Perish.
February 8, 2010