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Thread: Elizabeth Warren Exposes Wall Street’s Top Banker

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    Elizabeth Warren Exposes Wall Street’s Top Banker

    How is it that some people are able to aggressively promote the virtues of truth, transparency, and integrity within our financial system while others would seem to talk a good game but do not truly walk the walk? The key, in my mind, is that the former are not beholden to a constituency focused on short term maximization of profits and revenues. Who is distinguishing herself as a leader in this category? Elizabeth Warren, the current chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel to investigate the U.S. banking bailout.

    Warren writes in today’s Wall Street Journal of Wall Street’s Race to the Bottom. This race is very much a function of implementing strategies and developing products that have served to maximize the short term revenues of these firms, while eroding the very foundation of the financial system itself.

    Of particular interest in Warren’s article is her comment on Congressional efforts to develop a consumer finance protection effort and the response of Wall Street’s CEOs to this effort. Warren derisively singles out JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon, Wall Street’s top banker. She writes:

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    This is the only person of the Obama administration that I kind of trust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugolp View Post
    This is the only person of the Obama administration that I kind of trust.
    Yep--there are several liberals out there who get it. Prof. Warren is one of them.

    Here is the link to her WSJ piece

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