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Thread: Anyone eunning against Rep Dan Lungren?

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    Anyone running against Rep Dan Lungren?

    This guy is a mega neo-con, mega anti-civil rights. He's a R out of CA.

    THIS GUY NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    MODS... fix the typo in the Thread/Header...

    I presume you saw Dan Lungren on C-SPAN and his Global Warmongering Jingoism this morning? He voted for FISA spying on Americans AND Immunity for TELCO's.

    Here's more on Bio, Votes, and Key Votes:

    Critical Issue Votes:

    Does anyone have a YouTube on Dan Lungren on the house floor from 2008 on the $850 BILLION TARP Bank Bailout Bill?

    A Classic... he stated we needed to bailout the banks, but the $150 LARD attached to bribe Congress Critters with payouts and district incentives for their votes.

    Dan's floor speech... We need this bill passed to so my "MOMMA" yes he said, "MOMMA" can survive... all she has is Social Security... blah blah.

    Of Course Dan Lungren supports and co-sponsors H.R. 1207, but he is a Liberal Neocon Republican from California. BTW, Lungren was part of the PONZI scheme in California's borrowing and growing government.

    He's far different than his Libertarian/Conservative congressional neighbor district Republican... Tom McClintock
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