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Thread: Chaos within design equals design versus chaos within chaos equals chaos

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    Chaos within design equals design versus chaos within chaos equals chaos

    Genesis starts off in the Garden of Eden. By definition, a garden is designed. This means that chaos (the wilderness) existed within reality as the thread used to construct the overall design.
    In the days of old, teachers trained the children of the ruling class on how to play their parent's game resulting in long lasting dynasties.
    But then came Confucius and a little later Socrates.
    Confucius said that a child should obey his or her parents, a wife should obey her husband, the husband should obey the government and, paradoxically, the government should then turn around to serve the people.
    This had a great effect in establishing Eastern Civilization.
    Like Confucius, Socrates did not think of life vainly as a game played within an ever bigger game. In contrast, he thought about the best way how all the people might find a real and solid "good life" for themselves while as a former hoplite in the Athenian army he had the *courage to challenge others in implementing it. In order for the nations to acheive real life for everyone, we needed another concept of teaching altogether. This new concept was known as learning when contrasted to the earlier training used to raise up rich children. In contrast to training teachers, this new kind of teaching requred the use of "midwife" philosophers such as Socrates to serve the children of the slaves. This is clearly depicted in Plato's dialogue "Meno."
    *The courage of Socrates so impressed the Spartans that they spared his life. If you know the military history of the Spantans, then you won't take lightly the significance of this event.
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