LEXINGTON – The Winter of 2009-2010 has already seen its fair share of annoyances. Large quantities of snow, ice packed highways and high gas bills.

High gas bills?

Some residences of the City of Lexington use natural gas heaters to keep their houses or apartment nice and toasty during these frigid times.

However, keeping the home comfortable does not make it comfortable on your pocketbook.

With the harsh weather many people are being forced to turn up their thermostats, which is veering people in a different direction.

Some people who live in trailer homes across town are shutting off their gas valves and settling for small space heaters across the house.

Now, some people are having electricians show up at their door, having to fix overloaded circuits and blown out breakers.

“A lot of people have four or five heaters going at one time,” said Mike Kratzer, owner of Kratzer Electric in Lexington. “The heaters use too much energy and running them all at once will overload the circuits.”

Kratzer said also that he has visited close to five or six different trailer houses this winter due to wiring and electrical problems caused by the space heaters.

If someone like Kratzer or another electrician were to come to your home to make repairs, someone could easily spend $100 or more.

Kratzer does have one important piece of advice if using space heaters in your home.

“Running heaters on medium instead of high would pull less energy and not make the circuits extremely hot,” Kratzer said.

If someone has to have electrical problems taken care of, workers like Kratzer will have to go somewhere to get the parts.

Tim Kimball, Branch Manager of Electric Fixture and Supply in Lexington, has seen a few more customers than usual come in during this frigid winter season.

“We have seen a few more cash customers come in this season, but not a whole lot more,” said Kimball. “Mainly customers are coming into to replace old breakers with new ones, or for just minor fixes that don’t need the work of a licensed electrician.”

Kimball also mentioned that with the colder weather, business with electricians has stayed the same, not much has increased in terms business.

The same goes for Source Gas, the city’s main natural gas supplier. According to Director of Corporate Communications Len Mize, it’s all in the math.

“We did some figuring on an energy calculator that is on our website,” Mize said. “ We found that gas bills are much cheaper than space heating.”

Also Mize pointed out from last winter to this winter, average gas prices are lower than that of this winter’s

Source Gas also has ways of keeping your monthly bills from breaking the bank.

“Source Gas does everything to work with the customer,” said Ronda Jaeschke, Senior Business Relations Representative. “We help customer pay bills by setting up payment options, along with the Choice Gas Program.”

The Choice Gas Program is a program that Source Gas has had in their company for approximately 12 to 13 years according to Jaeschke. This program works in which customers can choose who supplies their gas and also can find an affordable rate that works with their budget.

As of this winter though, there hasn’t really been any spike in prices.

“At this point by looking at certain accounts, we are not seeing any trends,” Mize said.


Global Warming??? Yeah right! Even Florida is getting colder. What the heck is going on here? Global warming means no snow, no blizzards, and no cold temperatures!

Is Al Gore a liar?

I love snow as much as anyone but the fact the elite doesn't want homes to be heated without being ripped off means we are screwed in the winter.