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Thread: Arkansas State Senate Candidate! (District 10)

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    Arkansas State Senate Candidate! (District 10)

    Getting it done in our small part of this great nation folks! (Please donate if you can..)

    Chris R.

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    Just a heads up on this... The establishment Republican Party has decided to run a Sarah Palin type candidate against us in the primaries....! We were a bit blind sided by this move but we will stand firm and prevail here.

    Again, please if you can help us out at all with a donation it would be greatly appreciated....


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    General Request Here

    If you guys would like to encourage the candidate that I am helping here is a link :

    As usual money would be great but right now Paul could really just use some encouragement. His daughter is getting her last kidney removed and they do not have a donor lined up yet.

    Also, the establishment GOP in our state threw in a Palin-like candidate to run against him in the primary... For those of you who would not mind, you could use the contact on his site to write Mr. White a few words of encouragement. (If not, it was worth a shot to ask anyway..)


    Chris R.

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