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Thread: Do you trust Arrowhead's Claim of "No Fluoride" in their Bottled Water?

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    Question Do you trust Arrowhead's Claim of "No Fluoride" in their Bottled Water?

    Do you trust Arrowhead's Claim of "No Fluoride" in their Bottled Water?
    Water Quality

    How often do you test your water? In addition to our comprehensive multi-barrier approach, we test our products for purity and consistency throughout the bottling line and in hourly tests on finished products—at least 9 per hour on every line. The controlled process and the tests assure consistency in taste, mineral content, pH and purity.
    Is there fluoride in bottled water? Some of our water products contain fluoride as part of their natural mineral content, or are available with additional fluoride added. The fluoride content of some of our most popular waters (in mg/l) includes:

    Arrowhead Drinking None Detected
    Arrowhead Distilled None Detected
    Arrowhead Fluoridated 0.68 - 1.4
    Arrowhead Mountain Spring None Detected - 1.4
    Arrowhead Sparkling 0.057
    Perrier 0.12
    Report date: December 2007
    Testing period: 2nd Qtr. 2007 - 4th Qtr. 2007

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    Love their water.

    I survive on their water.

    It comes from special places in the mountains. Generally the farther you get away from people up stream the better the water is. Springs are a pretty good option to that in this day and age.

    As for fluoride I go for the stuff they have that doesn't have extra added. It doesn't really concern me if it has trace elements naturally found.

    P.S. More important to me at the moment is that it contains no chloramine's.
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    isn't the natural kind of fluoride found in spring water classified as calcium fluoride, not sodium fluoride?
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