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Thread: Jamie Dimon Has Visited The White House 6 Times Under Obama, Blankfein 3,

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    Default Jamie Dimon Has Visited The White House 6 Times Under Obama, Blankfein 3,

    More Friday document dumping, this time from The White House, which just released visitor logs for Obama's first 6 months in office.

    Says the White House: "Today marks a major milestone in government transparency--and an important lesson in the unintended consequences of such vigorous disclosure."

    Uh, kind of. Government transparency doesn't typically involve Friday newsdumps. Also, it'd be nice if the data were embeddable, and searchable by most-to-least visits. But ok, we still appreciate it.

    Some big Wall Street visitors included JPMorgan (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon, who visited 6 times, Goldman's (GS) Lloyd Blankfein (3 times), and Vikram Pandit (3 times). Poor Ken Lewis just came once -- it was that big group visit when everyone came.

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    Sorry Bobby, I didn't see this before I posted. This gives me chills. I just reread Jeckyl Island. LOL.
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    No problem. Your link was much broader than mine
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