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Thread: Iran Rejects Nuclear Deal

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    Iran rejected the UN-drafted nuclear deal, the New York Times reported on Friday, citing American and European diplomatic sources.

    A European diplomat told the paper that the Iranian response was basically a refusal. He said the Iranians wish to keep all their uranium, until they purchase nuclear fuel from the West for their research facility in Tehran. The diplomat said Iran's refusal to send out its uranium for further enrichment was no minor detail, as this is the essence of the deal.

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    They actually didn't reject it, they wanted the fuel first. Which I think is a very wise decision.

    Iran tells U.N. it wants nuclear fuel first: envoys

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Iran has told the U.N. nuclear watchdog it wants fresh fuel for a reactor in Tehran before it will agree to ship most of its enriched uranium stocks to Russia and France, diplomats said Friday.

    there is a very high likelyhood, that Iran would ship out its Uranium for enrichment, to say Russia, then the UN slams sanctions basically confiscating their shipment and refusing to give it back, essentially "assing them out"

    It would be like doing a business deal with someone, where you deliver your product, then they pay you 6-12 months later. And this person claimed you were their biggest enemy.

    Requesting the materials first was a wise move I would say.
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