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Thread: Outta Control: Millions of Federal Employees Might be Exempt from Health Benefits Tax

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    Angry Outta Control: Millions of Federal Employees Might be Exempt from Health Benefits Tax

    Okay it's Outta Control... first Obama's push for Unions Exemption and now Federal Employees, affecting both active and retired. Unbelievable

    I'm sure AFSCME and AFL-CIO have been lobbying effectively in the hallways of Congressand Obozo is rewarding his votes. BTW, the AFSCME mobilized 30 million government workers and $60 Million in campaign contributions, mostly to Hillary Clinton during the presidential race.

    PS: there's one thing I want to point out... the skyrocketing GOVERNMENT health Care plan... the more money they throw at it... the higher the HC costs get jacked. Government induced inflation.
    [h1]Millions of federal employees might be exempt from health benefits tax [/h1]
    By: Susan Ferrechio
    Chief Congressional Correspondent
    10/21/09 8:44 PM PDT

    Democrats are looking for ways to exclude a bevy of big groups from their proposal to tax so-called Cadillac health insurance plans. So far the list of groups seeking exclusions include labor unions, firefighters, coal miners and other high risk occupations.

    At this point, is there anyone else left to tax who has one of those big insurance policies?

    Oh right. Federal employees.

    Well, now some members of Congress want to carve out an exclusion for them as well.

    Reps. Jerry Connolly and Jim Moran, two Democrats from the federal employee haven of Northern Virginia, sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., expressing concern that the Senate health care proposal, which includes the tax, "may adversely affect health coverage for federal employees and retirees."

    Connolly and Moran explain in the letter that the Congressional Research Services has provided them with data indicating that the cost of Federal Employees Health Benefits Plans used by federal employees is close to the threshold ($8,000 per individual and $21,000 per family) that would trigger the proposed 40 percent excise tax.

    "Throughout this year, we and members of the Administration have assured the public, including 2 million federal employees, that if individuals or families like their current health coverage, they will not have to change," the letter said. "The current proposal from the Senate Finance Committee could undermine that tenet of health insurance reform."
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