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Thread: The Holy Grail of Converting Pro-War Republicans to Ron Paul

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    It is a good speech but there is such thing as a left or right and a right and wrong. If there was no such thing as a left or right then socialism would be just as good as free market capitalism.I understand that Reagan was making a speech to appeal to a broader spectrum but I dare say he was incorrect about the "up and down" quote.
    It was too weird to live, and too rare to die - hunter s. thompson .
    ..this is the darkest timeline..

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    People, I don't care what side of the aisle they are on, are exhausted of war. Only the true hawks are for continuing it. Even the staunch neo cons that I talk to, aren't opposed to ending these wars. It really speaks volumes when, in an audience packed full of pro-war neo cons, that when Ron Paul speaks of bringing the troops home, he gets applause!

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    We need a comparison video showing these clips from Reagan than those from Ron Paul.
    That would really wow some people.

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    Great speech! Thanks so much for posting it!

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    Honestly, I don't think I have ever seen this Reagan speech. I'm going to have to watch this now. I never really got into Reagan too much, but I kind of skipped that step on my way to supporting Ron Paul. I went from neocon to libertarian rather instantaneously. Looking back I was always libertarian, but I just followed whatever Republicans said so as soon as I read The Revolution: A Manifesto in 2008 it all just came together instantly. After that I went to reading Rothbard and such, and now I'm an pretty much an AnCap.

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    Love that speech: "If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth."

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    WOW, i've not followed much of Reagans speeches or really much about him. But this is WEIRD, this could be a ron paul speech, sounds just like him

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    Im not sure if this had been stated before but here is my tactic in converting the typical neo-con Rush/Hannity listener who wont look at RP for Pres because of his "drug stance" Here is what I think would be AMAZING to use in a debate when the others attack RP on his "drug policy" Ron needs to deflect any attacks they have on him and instead let the attackers put it on the shoulders of there Neo-Con Kingmakers like Rush Limbaugh or Savage and then have Ron Paul Defend them but in the same breath show that he doesnt endorse what they do

    Ron Paul needs to use the fact that almost all the other canididates kiss the ass of neo-con radio heads like Rush and use them to his ADVANTAGE in arguing his position . For instance when they attack him and say "you are very wrong in your Drug policy Ron" He should say

    "Well thats your opinion but Im no big gov't politician who wants to "regulate" every thing americans eat or use as recreational drugs and put people like Rush Limbaugh in jail because he choose to use some drugs for his own use that Maybe myself and others would deem dangerous,While I Dis-agree with eating alot of fast foods or using such drugs or that Rush may have used I dont think we need "big gov't" to be the regulator of what people like Rush put in there bodies be it Greasy Burgers that keep him over wieght or by using drugs such as Oxy contin.

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    Ron needs to use the "weakness" that all the other candidates aside from himself have and that is to peddle to hardcore neo-con radio heads and there millions of listeners. Once Ron deflects the other attacks away from himself and puts the pressure back on them by saying stuff like "So your saying you would support having the feds arrest and jail Rush because he puts unhealthy things into his body and have the tax payers foot the bill?"

    I just hope to hell people in Pauls camp understand how truly effective this strategy is of deflecting idiotic critiques on Pauls positions into RP using it as HUGE advantage by shifting the question and pitting the Candidate against Rush Limbaugh or some other neo-con and have RP defend the neo-con but in the same breath Strongly disagree with the bad choices that the neo-con head made What that will do is have joe public Rush radio fan says "wow RP defending Rush even though he doesnt agree with what Rush was doing to his own body and on the other hand Santorum,Bachman,Romney and etc would of supported the feds put Rush in jail and have the tax payers foot the bill because Rush choose to put something bad into his own body?

    This is the tactic RP needs to use in order to unlock that "extra edge" of support he desperately needs.

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    thanks for the video-- trying it on my stepparents now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emazur View Post
    This is a good one to temper the bomb Iran crowd
    The original posters video was starting to creep a little at the end with the war rhetoric. This one ended on a much better note.

    I'm thinking it is a totally different era now with the Soviet countries. I think they have joined in with the fiat currency looting of their citizens just like the rest of the world. In other words they are printing up what ever amount they want to get their way over the will of the people there just like the global government does us here. I've heard there are only four countries left that don't have central banks that are a part of the global system of central banks. Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Sudan. It was seven but we whittled it down with the invasions and manipulation of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

    So on the one hand we are all part of one big global dictatorship.

    On the other is everything as under control as some make out?

    Should we fear others like a little country far away that may or may not have a bomb or should we become aware that all of the weapons of mass destruction that we once had, in our so called defense department, are in control of others outside of our once great nation?

    I don't think people understand just what a mess there is. Can we defend ourselves when we have no side to defend anymore? All we once believed in has been sold out to the highest bidder fastest briber?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCriticalReasoning View Post
    thanks for the video-- trying it on my stepparents now!
    I'm picturing them bound and gagged with those weird ball things in their mouths.
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